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Early Learning Center

Dekalb County Schools

Media Center

Early Learning Center's Media Center Program

Media Center Mission
The mission of the Early Learning Center's Media Center Program is to promote reading and literacy through collaboration with the learning community to develop lifelong readers and learners who are effective users of information.

Media Center Goals
1.  To have knowledge of the curriculum taught at each grade level so relevant resources can be selected.
2.  To provide an effective teaching and learning hub that is an extension of the classroom for teachers and students.
3.  To encourage teachers to discuss curriculum objectives and suggest resources needed to support and enhance the curriculum.
4.  To cooperatively plan with teachers for the integration of information skills into each area of the curriculum.
5.  To encourage a love of reading, the appreciation of literature, and the continuing use of libraries for pleasure reading and lifelong learning.
6.  To maintain adequate policies and procedures to assure intellectual access to current information and ideas, including emerging information and instructional technologies.
7.  To provide or assist in the preparation and presentation of learning experiences and instruction which enable students to acquire information skills necessary for being lifelong learners.

Media Center Hours 7 a.m. - 3 p.m.